Emanuel, Garcia in ‘dead heat’ in mayoral runoff

Escort New OrleansA Chicago polling firm is calling metropolis’s runoff campaign between Mayor Rahm emanuel and challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia a “dead heat.”

New numbers from Ogden & Fry show Garcia, part of the Cook County board of commissioners, within reach in the one-term Emanuel. Plus the firm warned how the Hispanic population under-polls, which means that population is underrepresented within the data.

“They’re likely dead even,” pollster Tom Swiss said Sunday night.

Ogden & Fry conducted two one-question polls to the Illinois Observer on Wednesday and Saturday. Emanuel had 42.7 percent support in the earlier poll of just one,058 likely voters 1 day after voters denied Emanuel an additional term outright. Garcia had 38.7 percent support in that poll. The safety margin was +/- 3.07 percent.

Inside the Saturday poll of 979 likely voters, Emanuel had 42.9 percent support to Garcia’s 38.5 percent. The margin of error was +/- 3.2 percent.

Both polls show 18.6 percent of respondents were undecided.

Garcia campaign manager Andrew Sharp said in a statement which the challenger’s camp was not surprised by the outcomes. Escort New Orleans

“We continue to assume that because the city learns a little more about Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia’s agenda for change, his support continues to grow. We have now seen a great deal of polls during the last couple of months and now we saw the outcomes in the election last Tuesday. One fact remains constant — a majority of Chicagoans don’t need four more years under Mayor Emanuel.” New Orleans Escorts

Steve Mayberry, Emanuel’s campaign manager, said in an email: “Chicago voters face a clear choice between Rahm, who has a transparent record and intend to create good jobs, and Chuy Garcia, who may have still did not get much else designed in nearly twenty years within the big issues facing the city, but who’s going to be abruptly making pie-in-the-sky promises and writing checks Chicago can’t cash.”


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